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Experience with Mahogany Short Scale Strats? Which Pieces are Critical for Thicker LP Tone?

Which do you feel has the greatest effect on thicker tone with HH setup?

  • Scale length

    Votes: 28 62.2%
  • Body/neck woods

    Votes: 4 8.9%
  • Bridge type

    Votes: 3 6.7%
  • Neck attachment

    Votes: 3 6.7%
  • Other?

    Votes: 7 15.6%

  • Total voters


Silver Supporting Member
I hate Strats and find them terribly non-ergonomic,
If you are anywhere close to average build, with normal guitar technique, you will not get much more ergonomic than a strat.
If you look at ergo guitars you can find a strat still hiding there except with more of the unused areas removed.
Little things like knobs and switches are moveable, the big stuff is right on.


...hate Strats and find them terribly non-ergonomic...
Most naturally ergonomic design in electric guitars, except for people who've become used to another type and developed playing habits that limit what guitars are going to feel comfortable to them.


I have a korina Tele custom build with 2xp90s and a bolt on korina Gibson scale neck. It's very gibsonesque - would fool most in a blindfold test. Plus rugged, in tune and comfy.


Silver Supporting Member
Been there, done that. Tried many various non-LP guitars to try to get that LP tone. In the end the closest that got was a midrange type SG tone. IMHO, with very very few exceptions, only an LP can provide an LP tone.


This is an all mahogany short scale warmoth tele that I put together. Currently it has custom shop Duncan's strat in a humbucker pickups in it, but I had dropped humbuckers in it at one time and got convincing LP style tones out of it. I would assume you could do the same with a strat body.
This is beautiful.


Anyone ever put together a mahogany body, mahogany/rosewood conversion scale neck, dual humbucker Strat style guitar to attempt Gibson/PRS tones? Did it work out?

I know a standard construction HH Strat will still sound like a Strat. Do you need a set neck and TOM bridge to get away from the spanky Strat tone? I realize that every piece of the puzzle will get closer to an LP/PRS, but they can't all be equal in importance, so how far must you go before the returns are diminished.

I've played TOM equipped Fenders that still sound like Fenders (Classic Player Jazzmaster) and trem equipped PRS that still sound thick (DGT, Cu24), so I'm trying to figure out which pieces have the greatest effect on tone.

"Will never be an LP, don't even bother, blah blah blah" There I've already said it. :)
this sound like me a few years ago. I tried and failed. Not very close, but I didnt do the shorter scale.

Like you i was also a les paul hater. Never held a gibson i liked.

Fast forward to 2017 when i got an ltd eclipse for free.
24.75 scale?
All 'hog?
Stop tail/tom?

What IS this beast?

It was very much les paul in style and such, but enough different to not be totally alien.
I fell in love with it (ec256 - excellent forbthevprice, especially free) and now have an ec401v, which is their les Paul clone.
I love it even more! I still don't like les pauls, but I like this one.

Sometimes you need to spend a little time to "get" a guitar.
Oh, and a strat will NEVER do the les paul thing very well if at all.
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Silver Supporting Member
Between LP's at one end of the spectrum of useful guitar tone and Strats at the other (with Teles as a slight outlier) there are lots of perfectly good guitar sounds. Sometimes you have to love the one you are with.

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