Experience with Weber MASS Lite 100w Attenuator

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Hi Everyone,
Made a post last week regarding Attenuators . . . I just got my first Tube Amp - Jaguar Twin - 45 Watts in A/B and 30 in Class A. Love the tones, but definitely loud for home use. Heard an Attenuator may be the thing. After doing research, it sounds like the Weber MASS Lite 100w is a good option. Can anyone share if they've used this and if:

A. You can obtain the same tone from our amp using this product
B. You can obtain bedroom level volumes

Link to MASS Lite they recommended - https://www.tedweber.com/mass-lite
Review of my amp - http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/jaguar-twin-1

Hope you can take a minute to get back to me. Thanks in advance.


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I have the MiniMass for my Fargen and it is fantastic, sounds massive at low volumes.


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Had the Mass 100-don't know if it was the "lite" or not, made my Hiwatt sound like the worst Marshall clean with bad tubes.
Others have great luck with it, so ymmv!
I have a webber mass 100. Also not sure if its the light or which iteration. Its pretty good. The more you attenuate the less "transparent" it is, It is however a solid product that does what it says.

I picked up a power station last year, and it outclasses the Mass in about every way, but its also like triple the price and does all sorts of other stuff you may or may not need. If you just want to knock your volume down a little I think the Mass is a good choice.


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I have a Weber Mass (not the Lite version). It does color the tone the lower in volume you get (the more you attenuate). But, it does have some EQ controls to allow you to mitigate some of that loss.

It works pretty well. I use it when I need to play loud, but I need to knock a little off of the top.

I know this doesn't help much with the Lite. But, based upon the write-up on the link you provided, it sounds like the Lite doesn't really offer any tone shaping once you knock off a lot of volume. Depending upon how much you need to attenuate, that could be an issue.

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