Experiences with the Presonus ADL-600


Primarily I would be recording electric guitars (micing a tube amp-not software)

Does the mic pre have a particular color to it? Some pre's are practically colorless like the FMR RNP for example, so just wondering what characteristics to expect in considering this model.

What are your favorite instruments to record through it (inc male/female voice)

Is there anything it does not seem to capture well?

I am looking for a dual channel mic pre to run into my Audiofire 12 firewire studio. Part of the appeal of this firewire unit was the fact that it did not have any mic pre's on board, but very high quality clear AD/DA converters (at least for it's price point)

I have heard great things about the Great River, Sytek, Vintech 273i, Sebatron VM2000e, Avalon 2022 range for examples, and I have actually had an ADL-600 come through the studio very briefly, but would like to invest in a dual mic pre and get it right now that I am getting serious about recording these various projects. The tube factor appeals because I know how it could create added warmth to the recording, thus, considering the ADL-600 seriously.


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As far as tube pre and color goes. The adl is fairly neutral unless you reallu drive the front

U have to pad the outputs when u do this or you will overload the daw

I would characterize it as fairly clean and smooth when not overdriven

And smooth and creamy when hit hard

Changed the tock 12aty to rca blackplate gives it more mojo

My other pres are
Aea trp
Avedis ma5
Api 512c
Presonus mp20 with jensens

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