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Explain the Varitone concept


Every time I try a Varitone I marvel at how awesome it is. Then again, I feel like I'd need to spend a long time to find maybe 3 faves and the ideal situations to use them.

What was the idea with these and why did they never take off? Why don't we see them around much? Too heavy? Too cumbersome? They seem like an exciting tonal palette.


I think part of the problem is they are an acquired taste. I have one guitar with a varitone and I enjoy it but as much as I like it, I really only need the one guitar equipped with the feature.

Retrofitting with the Big Dog unit is pretty easy as it's a smaller foot print and 2 wire hook up but even being smaller it's still has some girth and might not fit every control cavity.


There's also a widely discussed (certainly in the internet age) issue of their implementation or design where, in some (most?) cases, they have a deadening effect on the whole voice of the guitar, even when they are in "bypass" mode. This is something I wonder if Gibson fixed recently. I have a 2011 ES-345 and I'd swear the Varitone in position 1 is providing the full sound of the guitar. Of course, I can't compare it to itself without a Varitone.

I like the Varitone. It's like having some pre-set "chilled out" tone/volume settings.
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JB Eckl

My old Blues Hawk has a varitone on it. Sounds very cool, and the bypass is definitely correct.


like them for playing at home and for recording. My main issue is the volume differences in each of the positions. Live I am always having to adjust volume as I switch setting and it is hard to do.