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Expression Pedals - what would you recommend?


So... I have a Line 6 Expression Pedal... and like most seem to at some point, it is on the fritz. I need to get a new expression pedal that is more reliable and hopefully just as compact. What would you guys recommend? (This will currently be used with a Line 6 DL4, but later with an Eventide Timefactor once I can afford it). Thanks!


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I asked this same question about my RE-20 and got zero response.

I tried the boss ev-5, that is terrible, basically the same thing as the line 6.

I also tried a volume pedal with insert cables and that did not give me a good range for the effect. It uses a liner taper pot and I believe you need a logarithmic taper for expression.

I wanted to try an alesis f2, but I can't find any one that sells one.

A sales person at Sweet water recommended the tc electronics x1( a bit pricey), it comes out in a few weeks.


I would be interested in any other solutions. The boss fv-500 is too big for my board.


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Anything good quality and metal is going to cost some money but the reliability will pay off. Toneczar makes an EB VP Jr mod for expression or you sould get a pot and do your own EB mod which wouldn't be too hard.

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I have a Boss FV-500L on the way. It seems to be about the most indestructible expression pedal out there, and you can also use it as a volume pedal (get the FV-500H if you don't have a buffer between your guitar and the pedal). It has adjustable torque as well.


Foxrox and Moog might be good choices. I have a Foxrox and really appreciate the adjustable external pot. It helps define the ceiling or floor of your effect. Moog recently came out with an adjustable pedal that looks decent too. I am sure there are others available. Expect the price point to go up with sturdier exteriors. I've used the Foxrox in a variety of analog or voltage controlled apps and have been very satisfied. The external pot acts as a taper to lower the value of the pedal's main pot, which is usually 50 or 100 ohms.

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