Expression Pedals with Line 6 gear (M series)


I have a Pod XT Live. On it, you pick a parameter - say volume, and move the pedal up and down and it increases/decreases smoothly. On this device you can select which parameter (one only) is going to be affected - so I've done reverb depth, tremolo speed, etc. They all move smoothly.

On the DM/DL/MM/FM series pedals, you could plug an exp pedal in and actually toggle between ALL the parameters. Basically, you could set all the knobs, then move the pedal to a new position, tweak any or all of the knobs, and from then on as you moved the pedal it would track between them. So you could something like have the gain saturation increase but the volume level go down so the overall volume of the sound stayed the same, but got more dirty.

I never used an exp pedal on my MM/DL etc. type pedals but I do know that when you turn the knob manually there's a "jump". The change in sound is not smooth. It jumps between settings - as if you were turning a knob with click detents (in fact you can hear a "clicking" type sound as it jumps from one level to the next - most noticeable on drives).

Since the M series is based on the MM/DL etc. type family I'm wondering if using an expression pedal causes the same issues?

Does the sound change SMOOTHLY throughout the course of the pedal sweep?

I actually just bought an M5 and haven't played with it enough to see if this is still a problem but I have played with it enough to think I probably want to bite the bullet and get an M13. The two exp pedals would be great - I'd probably use one for Volume most of the time and the other for Wah or extra expression settings. Some of it will be set it and leave it, but some of it will be "real time" changing of paramaters so I want to make sure it doesn't have this "jumping" artifact.



I think the reason you hear a drastic increase in parameter settings when moving knobs on the mm4, dl4 etc. is because the physical position of the knobs and what those settings actually are in a preset are unrelated.
If the volume on a distortion preset is saved at 1 o'clock & the knob for volume currently is sitting at 4 o'clock, moving the volume knob up to 6 o'clock will make it jump from 1 to 6. Make sense?

As far as expression pedals go, Ive had almost all of the "4" series pedals & an M13 and the expression pedal sweep has been smooth all around for me.


I own an M13 and use a Mission Engineering EP1-L6 expression pedal (designed for line 6 products) with it and I have always had smooth sweeps.

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