Extremely late to the game...


I have not had occasion to use saturation pedals for years due to the amps I use.

My main pedal is a TC Nova System in the effects loop, with a Goodrich volume and Vox Clyde McCoy wah in front of the amp.

I just got a Tim pedal after being on a waiting list, and after having read through all the threads on this forum concerning light to medium saturation pedals.

Thank you to all of you for the wonderful threads and opinions on all of these types of pedals.

I used to be a pedal junkie years ago, but the Tim adds just what I want to increase sustain and texture to my sound.

I'm sure I could have achieved the same or similar tones with most any of the pedals you speak of here, but the Tim does exactly what I wanted.

Next up will be an Empress Compressor.

You all Rock! :bow
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Stephen, that you??

The Tim is great and as it turns out, I have an Empress Comp on the way (being cleared by customs atm). Hit me up on my gmail!

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