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Ezhi and Aka: from Russia with love


Hey y'all, so I will take you on a quick story. One day, while browsing for pedals on my work break I saw this video:

And, I was immediately in love. I emailed the youtube channel and searched all over the internet for this builder. Finally I found Alexey and contacted him and got him to recreate this pedal that he had kind of abandoned because life had gotten in the way of making pedals. A few months later, he has started pumping them out and getting a bit of a following.

I am posting this, to share the work of someone that has become a friend and also to let people that have this desire for weirder/noiser stuff to get access to it!

His currently working address is ezhiandaka.ru , having added alot of more interesting pedals as well as future designs!

I am honestly not affiliated with the company at all, and really just want to spread the word of these amazing pedals. I have the moomindrone and currently have the "glitcher"(no longer in reproduction) and the "tape" on the way!

Ev O)))

Ezhi and Aka are awesome.Dudes churn out amazing pedals. Alexey has been super helpful over on ILF, going above and beyond to meet people's requests and in tailoring the feature sets of his pedals for the individuals ordering. Plus gorgeous finishes.

Seriously, check out the description for the upcoming Fernweh Delay Pedal:

Fernweh is a modular lofi system including 4 different lofi delays and a lofi looper. You can connect those modules in many ways using a patchbay and included patches.

The delays are:

Mr. Glitchy – the first one (you can see the demo above) and probably the most lofi of the four. It features a momentary glitch/skip/mess function as well as some radio noises and burning tape sounds.

Mr. Nice – a nice sounding deep lofi delay which is very nice to everybody – that’s why he allows everyone to manipulate, sorry, to modulate him in all the ways.

Mr. Arcade – a lofi delay with no Time knob as he has a dedicated control unit to rapidly change the delay time thus jumping from high to low sounds, producing dirty octaves and harmonies. And yes, you can stick the control unit on your guitar. Isn’t that cool? Well, unless you own some vintage rare idontknowwhat that is afraid of any additions. But let’s face it – you a probably a noise musician, right?

Mr. Wobble – a lofi delay that is constantly wobbling, chewing the tape, breaking your speakers etc. Not the most lofi of the four, but the most modulated one.

Looper – a dirty lofi 20 sec looper with sample rate/pitch control and also body contact to add some unstableness.


sorry but yeah, I am on the list for the next batch of Fernwehs. the option of sticking the control unit on my guitar sounds reallllllly cool.

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