F1 2014----Part II

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by traviswalk, Oct 10, 2014.

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    I think there is a McLaren board meeting on Dec 4th and maybe they announce it after that.
  2. oldlefty

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    "FT said F1's controlling shareholder CVC wants Walsh to take on some "executive duties in addition to chairing the board", which could see "Ecclestone's role as chief executive marginalised".

    Ecclestone, 84, was quoted as saying he "wouldn't have a problem" with Walsh taking up a role.

    "If it was something positive, I'd be delighted," he added.

    CVC chief Donald Mackenzie is thought to be behind the impending change, with Blitz saying he wants "a more professional approach to the running of" the sport.

    "In particular, Mr Mackenzie was worried about F1's digital, commercial and PR strategy," the Financial Times added, saying Ecclestone could be retained "in an honorary capacity".

    "Mr Ecclestone said that was not a role he envisaged," Blitz noted. :roll

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