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Factory stock guitars you won't mod


Gold Supporting Member
Have you owned guitars that came "just right" off the shelf? I'm talking about electric, not acoustic.

I've rewired, changed pickups, new tuners, changed bridges on many guitars I bought "stock" but used. I've even replaced necks, but I have 3 that I have no reason to change.
EBMM Silhouette (1991): HSH configuration with DiMarzio PAF's and a custom Blue Velvet mid. Maple neck/fingerboard, fixed bridge with cast saddles. Volume & tone (only) 5-way switch with auto coil taps on the humbuckers in the notch positions. Light and compact.​
Fender Telecaster FMT HH: (Purchased used): This one is my "looker" - flamed maple top with brilliant crimson finish, full body and neck binding, matching finish headstock. Set neck. S-D pickups custom wound for Fender, "Pearly Gates Plus" overwound SH1 in the bridge and RWRP SH-1 neck; great pickups in their own right, but the coil taps are the best I've heard. Volume and tone, pull tone to tap pickups. The mid (notch) position is brilliant tapped and untapped.​
Pinup Guitars thinline: Pinup guitars was a one-man shop in Seattle when I bought this one (see avatar). It's really a partscaster, built by a guitar tech/luthier that worked many years in Seattle's preeminent vintage guitar store. He got to know what made the vintage instruments so desirable. This one has a resonant Ash thinline body, handwound pickups, aged hardware, interesting switching, and a vintage-looking MOTS pickguard.​
I've never given thought to changing anything on these guitars. IME mods do little or nothing to improve the value of a guitar and usually decrease the value. I like them all for different reasons, but they are good enough that there's nothing I think I can do to improve them.

Let me know about your "just right as stock" guitars.


Only guitar I own that is 100% original is a 1968 ES335, I also left my Lowden O25 original but just recently sold it. But I love personalising and modding my guitars it's half the fun.


I really don’t “mod” many of my guitars. Not even strap locks. I’ve replaced broken parts,(jack plates, pots...)and worn out frets...

‘13 R8 Stock
‘75 LP Custom stock
‘93 52 RI Telecaster stock
‘66 Jaguar Stock
‘60 Melody Maker Stock
‘78 Tele Custom Stock
‘75 Flying V stock

My number 1, ‘59 Junior has a compensated bridge and Grovers.


I like tinkering and experimenting with some guitars but my main guitars are all stock:

'93 SG Standard
2008 (I think) '52 Reissue Thinskin tele
'95 or '96 Talman

My first guitar, a '90 Squier Strat, is stock except for the 5-way switch which broke so I had to replace it.

Trick Fall

I prefer to keep things fairly stock, or do reversible mods like a pickup swap. I think the only reason I've even swapped pickups is because I like a noiseless bridge pickup in a Strat for recording.
Hollow and semi-hollow bodied guitars are a pain in the neck to mod, unless you're just swapping pickups. Upgrading the electronics is TEDIOUS work!


Tone is Paramount
Gold Supporting Member
Just my Martins.. my electrics? Well that’s a different ballgame :banana


I came to say all of them...
but it ain't true
I have removed the pick guards on my 2 archtops and Epi LP; I can't stand those things!
Added a 12 saddle bridge to my Vox Phantom (OMG what a difference!);
Changed the pots in my Epi LP (huge mistake);
My Heartfield has speed knobs (I purchased it that way);
My MIJ strat has a copper-lined cavity and PU config changed (not that it ever gets played)
I purchased my Gibson Byrdland with a bridge replacement; which I'd like to change back

String trees on the Vox need an upgrade; I haven't found anything which will do what I want tho

My Strat needs a bunch of work to make it useable


My EBMM JP15. The hardware and electronics were exactly what I wanted when I bought it, and honestly, at the price point, I wouldn't buy it if I had to do mods on it.


Silver Supporting Member
I love modding guitars, and perhaps my favorite guitar to play is my HEAVILY modded Zemaitis SUJ101 LTD13, but I still have a few that I haven't modded because they really kick ass just the way they are...

Gretsch 6120T '55 VS
Gretsch 6118T SGR
Gibson L5s (Vintage 1975)
Gibson L5s (vintage 1978)
Gibson ES125T (Vintage 1965)
Gibson R0
Gibson R7
Gibson Dave's Special Limited SG
G&L Legacy (lacquer version)
Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Tele
Zemaitis Custom Shop CS22MF DCP NT


Silver Supporting Member
I have not modded my Gretsches - mainly because they are great the way they are. When I had an L5-CES and an L5-S, they were untouched. I am definitely more open to modding my Jackson superstrats - I usually install series-single-parallel switches for the humbuckers.

Some I mod, some I do not feel the need...


There are two guitars I'll never touch:
- vintage Jazzmaster with original wiring
- Callaham Telecaster

First one to keep the value, second one because it's already tuned to perfection.

I usually fine-tune my guitars by messing with the electronics. It's amazing how much a guitar can come alive when the output is tuned right. Recently went on my Strat from a 255k to 230k volume pot and now it's spot on!

Blue Lizard

I tend to tinker with everything to some degree, but the only guitars that I’ve not modded (beyond adding a pointy indicator washer to a tone/volume pot, or minor cosmetic changes) have been my EBMM Axis guitars. Pickups, hardware and electronics are all exactly as I wanted.

I notice EBMMs appearing a few times in this list :aok


EBMM silhouette BFR
Gibson SG standard 61
Charvel Guthrie Govan Sig

all were pretty much perfect when I got them i Haven’t felt compelled to mod them in any way.


I have two guitars (my favorites) I own for years and I don't intend (at least so far) to mod: Gibson ES-330 & Momose LPC. All the others have been modded, I have plans to mod them or they are partcasters so custom made from the beginning.

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