Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise - Details?


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There was a thread on this before about the clips being up now, but I was wondering if anybody had any knowledge on what the switches do, and what the Onset knob does.

I just picked up a Four Eyes Crossover Fuzz, and the thing is awesome - really versatile. Interested in pre-ordering the Unpleasant Surprise, but wanted to get a little more info on what the switches and stuff do. It sounds awesome though, and maybe that's all that should matter, but just curious I guess. Thanks for any info.
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I just got this pedal and it's got all kinds of interesting dirty sounds in it.
I have the 4 eyes fuzz too and this one is much less conventional then the
4 eyes. The cool thing about the unpleasant surprise is that it's not just a FSU
pedals, there's actual a lot of very usable, timbral interesting stuff it can do.

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