Fake shredders? Did you know this is a thing?


Oh you're right, and it's all lame crap. Nothing new to me at all. Never liked anyone that did that sh!t !

Not sure why that's so hard to understand. And no....it's not legit...sorry if you like folks with no imagination and I prefer musicians with more imagination who are more original.
I dislike people without an open mind even more.
Ever hear Lane's Kaiser Nancarrow?

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Yes and he was very clear what he was doing there, an artifact of editing as a tribute to Conlon Nancarrow. But later, Buckethead was able to kind of do it with eight finger tapping. Listening to Shawn's playing on that track you could tell it was edited as no pick attacks were audible. But Shawn's regular speed playing was full on real playing. Check out his "Live at Sneaky Pete's" video or "Shawn Lane Test Drives a White Strat" video.
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Check out his "Live at Sneaky Pete's" video or "Shawn Lane Test Drives a White Strat" video.
I have everything from him both official and bootleg - or at least use to have it all 10 years ago.
A good friend of Shawn's use to send me stuff for my collection.
Essential imo:

- Temporal Analogues of Paradise
- Time is the Enemy
- Paris
- Atlanta Drum show
Yes indeed. In fact, I need to chime in on that - some years ago back in the videotape days someone on a guitar forum sent me a package in the mail with multiple VHS tapes of Shawn at Sneaky Pete's and a bunch of other VHS tapes of Shawn in his prime and I never found out who sent it. So thank you whoever you are. All of those tapes I later saw on youtube when that became a thing.


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I guess people speed up their video performances to make it appear superhuman on Instagram.

I guess I had no idea this was a thing.

But if they ever did live gigs it would give them away immediately.

This is an obscene habit. I prefer simple IPhone clips that while being inferior in sound just show everyone what is really going on here.
The guy has done his woodshedding. He is blindingly fast and accurate. And even he ain't perfect. :) Maybe some chaps use the recording studio; Pagey did. Does it really matter? Page tape-speeded Plant's vocals a few time, and Bonzo's drums too; very famously.

It isn't my music, but has some technical interest. Some of the sounds are great. I've written music I can't play, and that's the sort of guy I'd book for the session... should it ever happen. And a decent dude on top of it. All round cool.
I'm still skeptical because, just why wouldnt he sit there with the guitar in his lap and play it right then and there in front of the camera after he is done talking? What he does is go to another separate clip of him playing then comes back to the original clip and says, see? I can play it.

Still not convinced.

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