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Famous heavy gauge pick users - Brands


No the acrylic ones can occasionally make what users describe as a "chirp" in the attack.
I don't get it often but it seems to happen less if your picking is tight.

Are you like a secret agent for Chris Fahey/Gravity picks? I like his products a lot, theyre just pricy and I lose them all the time so its like ... why not just spend $8 on a pack of 15 normal picks that are good and last years rather than $8 on a single pick that is outstanding but going to wear down after a few months?


Supporting Member
These. Jerry Garcia used to use them.

Long time adamas 2mm user too but switched to Telefunken graphite 3mm a few years ago and havent looked back. Right away it plays like a nice worn in adamas 2mm, has indent grip and doesnt seem to wear down as fast. Fairly inexpensive too


Supporting Member
Another vote for Adamas 2.0 Graphite as used by Jerry Garcia, Trey Anastesio, and many others. Very balanced attack when compared to some others that tend to have a little too much attack for my needs. Gravity picks also have earned my respect recently.


Supporting Member
I went from the 3mm Big Stubby to a V-pick Dimension which was a considerable upgrade.

Kev O)))

Another vote for Adamas 2.0 Graphite as used by Jerry Garcia, Trey Anastesio, and many others. Very balanced attack when compared to some others that tend to have a little too much attack for my needs. Gravity picks also have earned my respect recently.
Getting harder to find but those are some amazing thick picks. Love the few that I have.


I really enjoy the ergonomics of the Big Stubby but depending on what you are playing they can be chirpy


Supporting Member

Off and on I use those. I use an 'Original' and the 'Faux'. The 'Original' has a 12% graphite content and feels and sounds great. The 'Faux' feels more like an acrylic pick and has a nice mid-range enhancement.

Darrell Braun uses'em!!!! He's famous!


^^^ I made this guitar^^^
I like Blue Chip or Charmed Life Picks though a bit thinner at 1.0- 1.6mm. They do make one as thick as you want but it is expensive and you will lose it before you wear it out. I’ve got picks that are 8 years old and still near new, so if you are not a pick loser it is worth the price for the performance. Easy to hold, super slick off the strings and last a really long time.

I’ve tried many of the picks in this thread and many had unfavorable pick noise or had a lot of friction off the strings.


Supporting Member
I mostly use standard Fender Heavy picks. For comparison purposes, how thick (mm) is a Fender Heavy?


Silver Supporting Member
i'm a clayton rounded triangle guy until i die. i just rotate the material and the gague: .88mm black raven for most things and the good old 1mm white ones for the rock. heavier picks don't really suit my style as i'm mainly a strum champ.

on the rare occasions i go for a heavier pick, it's mostly for single note stuff, often on an archtop. just can't strum with something thicker.

dunlop jazztone 207. had the same one for years now. d'andrea pro plecs are also popular with the jazz/thicker pick crowd.
I've gone through using quit thin pics .88 right up to using 4.5mm V-Picks. As it happens I've just ordered a pack of Chicken Picks 2.7mm Bermuda III pointy picks today. I had the older CP Bermuda 2.7mm picks with more rounded tips but my alternate picking was so much more relaxed with these picks, so going back to them.

I will say with thicker picks, they can introduce unwanted pick noises with high gain, in my experience only chicken picks and gravity picks sound decent, out of all the thick picks I've used. I found 4mm master finish gravity picks very good too.
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I didn't realise, so many heavy pick users
Since last week I'm getting used to using the rounded corner of the 1.5 mm prime tone
Both for fast solo stuff and chords
The sound is so much meatier, I'm really digging it
Takes away that papery plunky sound and the attack pops more
On chords it doesn't sound like a an error when strumming ultra softly
Still waiting for the Claytons to arrive for trying out


I received the Claytons today
1.52 standard
I must first say that I've gotten used to the primetones with the beveled rounded corner since last time so I'm comparing to that
After a quick tryout
More Clunky and rough than primetones with the lack of bevels but better /brighter texture than the Gators
And definitely better quality font than the Dunlop Derins
I couid get used to them i think but I'd have to file a less steep inclination on the edges
These bone picks are intriguing:
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