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Famous heavy gauge pick users - Brands


Gold Supporting Member
First post in years

I noticed that alot of famous guitarists with great sound /pick touch use very heavy picks
There was a short moment in time where google was effective for finding out the Brands

I'm looking for info on the pick choice of
Paul Jackson Jr and Isaiah Sharkey

I'm seriously considering moving to ultra heavy picks from tortex 1 mm
Too bad they dont exist in heavier than 1.14
2.2 mm is what I'm aiming at but with some sort of texture, not a plain plastic pick

Any recommendations ?
Supposedly this is one of Isaiah Sharkey's picks, Tortex in a 351 shape. In some of the videos I've seen, it looks like his would be a bit thicker, so take this with a grain of salt.


Gold Supporting Member
I like them, but they're too 'clicky.' To me, it's the V-Picks that are chirpy. Once I hear too much of either, I can't un-hear it.
I used to be hooked on thick Lexan picks (Stubby 3 mm)... I could play really fast and clean & thought that was all the info I needed. But every time I got a tone with enough mids to cut through on solos, there was an annoying, grating quality. So I'd cut mids to get it out of there and I got mush.

Finally realized that the hard pick edge was causing it. There was a very brief "note" sounded on every pick attack... basically a shorter version of the sound you'd get from tapping a slide on the string where you pick. I also realized that I was so used to those that I couldn't really get around with other picks, and sooner or later there's always an emergency where you're relying on whatever GC has in stock... and that's not 3 mm Stubbies.

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