Fanned frets - best value for the buck?

Chris Pile

I'm talking electrics here - not 8 strings, not 7 strings, but 6 strings for normal folks wanting a tighter tone from the bottom end. I've been intrigued of late, and want to experiment without killing my piggy bank.


I think a Strandberg Boden OS 6 might be your best bet. The only problem I have with Strandberg 6s is that the neutral fret is the zero fret, so it actually feels like a more extreme fan as you go higher up the neck, as opposed to the 7s, which have their neutral fret at the 7th, and then fans in each direction. (I also think their EndurNeck profile feels better as a 7, just because it's wider and feels more natural to me.)
Novax sells fanned 6 string necks that fit strats and teles.

I tried an Agile 7 string once, but didn't bond with it. The fanning wasn't hard to adapt to, but I was not up to dealing with an extra string at the time and the guitar was kind of dead sounding.

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