Fans of Hiromi Uehara here @ TGP ?


I thought that was great! Reminded me of why I started playing. That kind passion and what an awesome tight band!! Wow! Some of the live clips at the Blue note are amazing.

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Lots of love here for Hiromi. Spiral was one of my favorite releases the year it came out and still gets spun regularly. Her two albums with her "Sonicbloom" group are my favorite though.

The guitar is a double neck JG, Fretless 12-string Oud on top and standard 7-string on the bottom - it's David "Fuze" Fiuczynski signature model; absolutely killer guitar player and has definately added a lot to Hiromi's last two releases.



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I love those vids. Does anyone know if the live performance is available on cd? Whenever I hear the live version first (as I did with these), the studio versions end up feeling a bit staid.



Wow, I just came across a vid of this band the other day. It's cool to see someone posting about it (I thought TGPers only liked Robben Ford!). I think Fuze used a Vox tonelab kind of thing in the vid I saw. I loved that he used an effect that the gear snobs would snicker at, yet he plays way more interesting things than most of the boutique "gear-head" guys.

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I'm a really big fan. I saw her trio right when "Spiral" came out and became an instant fan. Tony and Martin are an amazing rhythm section. I've seen the group twice since, once with Fuze and once with John Shannon. Hiromi's music has elements of jazz and prog rock, but also has accessible melodies.

The last time I saw the group we were able to snag front row seats for both sets at the Jazz Bakery. Absolutely incredible.

If you dig Hiromi's albums with Fuze, definitely check out the new KiF release. It is really good.


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How 'bout some love for Janek Gwizdala the bass player. He's a monster. I saw him play with Tomo at the Bitter End.

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