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Fantastic find.....


I didn't think this kind of thing happened any more......

I got a call this morning from Neil, the bass player/singer in the band I've been doing gigs with lately. He'd taken an old CRT TV set to the local municipal dump. There, at the back of the container which is dedicated to disregarded electrical goods he saw an old amp, sat on its end. He didn't recognise it immediately, but thought it might be salvageable. He asked the attendant if he could take it, then bundled it into his car before the guy could change his mind.
He rang me, described it, and shortly after he brought it round to the house. It was immediately apparent that what he'd found was an old Marshall JTM45. A bit of internet detective work dated it at 1967. It's been hardwired somehow, the capcan on top of the chassis is a replacement and one channel's volume pot is frozen solid, but otherwise it appears to be fine. On powering up, there was a purple flash in the rectifier valve and the mains fuse (green RS type) blew. I've seen this before in my own JTM45, and it was only a blown rectifier - GZ34 - valve.

It's now in the hands of a local amp tech. I told Neil to budget £200 max for restoration. It may not cost anything like that much, depending on the transformers. Please excuse the pics - not up to my usual standard. I guess I was just too excited.....

Sorry about the pic sizes.....:red
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Wow! That amp as is looks to like in a better shape then what we see on the emporium and ebay on a regular basis. To think that someone went to the trouble of bringing it to the local dumpster but could not be bothered to look up what its worth... Oh well. Congrats to your friend on an amazing find.


Senior Member

I've found some decent stuff out there, and a friend gave me a '69 Sunn2000s he found in the trash, but DAYUM!
That's a $2k+ amp once it's restored!


Silver Supporting Member
As much as I might envy you right now, I'm just glad it didn't get dumped and someone is restoring it! Congrats...


Gold Supporting Member
Great find! It gives hope to all that there are still some good ones out there to be had. When I go to a yard sale, and don't see anything, I ask if there are any string instruments or musical equipment for sale.

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