Fantastic Kemper Customer Service

Big Harry

Recently , few LED's start to die on my Kemper front panel , after almost two years of use without any problem .
It was about that legendary batch .

So, I call Lance (Guitartone) , our South African dealer, he told me what to do, I've done that, Hans from Support replied in 30 minutes time (yes, in thirty f ****ing minutes ) and after just 2 weeks or so, replacement front panel is in SA , here with Lance and me .

No questions, no conditions , no procedures, no **** (and remember, there are quit a few kilometres between Germany and SA)

Thanks to Lance, Hans from Amp support , and KPA team , you make me feel very good !
Cheers !


Always nice to hear good things about support, usually all that's posted is the negative. You might want to post on the Kemper forum as well - there are a few threads with people expressing concern about the 'legendary batch' over there (especially buying used).

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