Fargen or Reinhardt


I see this topic debated a bit, but I thought I would seek some further input based on what I am after form the amp. I have my Mesa Stiletto Ace for sale on ebay and when it goes in the next couple of days, I am turning my focus towards a more apartment to gig friendly amp. I know a lot of people love the Suhr tones and that someone will recommend a Badger, but I have listened to them on u tube and didn't really dig them as much as the Fargen tones I heard, specifically the recordings Fargen did himself. That said I read on here people tossing out the Reinhardt 18 as the go to Marshall amp with powerscaling, so now I am confused.

The one thing that is difficult is I have a bit different taste, I think, than most of the guys who play these amps and thats not a bad thing either way, but obviously the specific needs factor into someones amp preference.

So now that all the yada yada is out of the way, I am a Marshall guy, but a Marshall guy in the vein of 80's Marshall tones and of course the Appetite for Destruction tone or early Van Halen up till the 1984 album. So, what gives more of that flavor of Marshall of the two. I play LP's and am planning on dropping a set of Motor City 2nd degrees in one. I am looking for something that will even handle tones like Mastodon, especially the lead tone which, as I understand it is a JTM45, but they use JCM800's as well. Of course Slash is rumored to have used a Plexi with an extra gainstage from the tremolo, so I am looking at Marshalls across eras here. And yeah VH used a Soldano.

The above is why I am hung up on getting the Fargen as it has all three amps under the hood and gets right in the neighborhood. But then, everyone comes along and recommends the Reinhardt and the Fargen doesn't get much love. So with the above in mind, what is the better choice. Also, I of course want my own tone but in that similar vein and it's much easier to describe music that is familiar and easily accessable. If you got this far...thanks.


The RH 18 or the MI-6 won't quite get you to AFD....early VH maybe with avg to hotter pickups. If you add in a nice OD pedal in front, you'll get there. The Storm is nice and has the gain but even with PS, it's certainly not a bedroom amp. It has to be cranked to sound it's best IMO. The Fargen is versatile, but i personally think the RH amps sound better and the PS is much better at reducing the volume on the RH.

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