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Fargen Townhouse 20 combo 2014 Winter NAMM

Nalle Colt of the band "Vintage Trouble" taking the new Fargen Townhouse 20 combo for a spin...

The Townhouse 20 is our new “gig ready” edition to the Fargen Amps lineup for Winter 2014. Following on the success of the micro-sized class A Townhouse 5 watt head, The Townhouse 20 sports a new 2 x 6V6 20 watt power amp in a brand new compact 1 x 12” grab-and-gig compact design. The Townhouse 20 is hand-built, and made in the USA with the boutique Fargen tube amp quality and tone that the market expects. The two-way Decade Switch features a 50′′s setting with vintage tweed-inspired tones, and a 60′′s setting inspired by brownface tones. The Townhouse is like two-amps-in-one, at a reasonable price considering its boutique essence.


20 watt 2 x 6V6 power amp
2 x 12AX7 preamp design
GZ34 rectifier
16g aluminum chassis
USA custom vintage replica transformers
Fargen Custom shop carbon comp resistors
Controls: Vol, Decade, Tone, Master
1x12" WGS Reaper speaker

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