Farmland Simo Supa

Dear All,

I am on the waiting list for the Simo Supa and paid my deposit. I had an email about a month ago saying it would be a week or so but have heard nothing since. I have emailed them and got no response and there is nothing new on their FB page.

Anyone got any info?

If the list is running on a bit, that's fine but was just wondering if there's any news.




Prince of Ales
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In case you weren't aware of this...

Aug 26, 2014 - Warren Haynes' longtime and beloved guitar tech, Brian Farmer, died Sunday, August 24, at his home near Nashville. Farmer died peacefully ..."]http://Brian Farmer, Warren Haynes' Longtime Guitar Tech, Dead ...
Yes. I am aware. He has family members that are carrying on the business and I was contacted after his passing to say that they would be honouring the waiting list and paid a deposit after his passing. Details on their Facebook page about the continuation of Farmland fx.

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