fat bottom cabs?


i really like the idea of the vht 2 x 12 fat bottom cab. (looks like it would be great for home use. (space saver). are these any good? give me some really good cab makers to check out. tks!


I use a rivera 1-12 and it is ridiculous how small amps suddenly come to life.Mine is the smaller of the two that rivera offers.Some metal players love the chunka-chunka stuff but I like how it helps the main amp stay within its own personality,one of the best tone purchases I have made,


VHT cabs are great. I've got a Deliverance 4x12 and I had a VHT 1x12 too. It should give you a really tight focused sound, especially on the bottom end. If you can find one, the Deliverance 2x12, is one I'd probably grab. They are similar to the FB's but IMO they disperse sound in the room better. The FB sound good if you're right in front of them, the D's spread the sound out better to me.

I've heard nothing but great things about http://www.stoneagecustomcabinets.com/

Alot of guys like the Bogner 2x12

Splawn http://www.splawnguitars.com/custenclos.htm

The nice thing about the Splawn and Stone Age are you can order them with different speakers or empty and put your own in. I'm pretty interested in checking out Stone Age. I have a Splawn 4x12 that records awesome has done me well live for 4 years.


I have a rear loaded Diezel 2x12 that has the sickest low end I've ever heard. Really tight and focused. If you can find one, check it out.


I use the FB's. They are deeper than most cabs (I think 17" total), but short. They are sealed back, and less leaky than screw back cabs or some other sealed back cabs.

Due to this, they are more directional as someone pointed out.

The do have tight low end, with a nice amount of low end resonance. The stock speakers are fairly tight, slightly dark, but I like them. They are in the Eminence Wizard tone territory, but they are not Wizards and do sound different. I do not know if VHT is shipping their new speaker yet, but those should be good too.

My fatbottom 4x12 straight is 14" deep, just like my Bogner 4x12. Are you sure yours is 17" ? Maybe they changed it ?

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