Father & Son Guitar BUILD PROJECT HELP !


I showed my son (11)
Dabluzeguy's build thread @ TGP


and we have been following it...
very cool..
( tx for sharing & the inspiration ! )
he says... lets make a telecaster... :RoCkIn

hmmm :BEER

So not handy... no tools..
and we are going to build a guitar...

and we need the TGP's help !

It might take some time but...we are determined to see it thru.

So peeps..

Where do we start?

Do's ? Dont's ?
Hints and Tips ?

Video's ?
YouTube links ?

Forums ? Websites?

Looking forward to learn & create something with my son... and then .. :RoCkIn

So...TGP'ers ?

Thanks in advance..


well, if you are not feeling like a woodworker and have no tools as an initial project you may want to try and build a guitar from parts instead of starting with a switch of ash.

check out Warmouth or All Parts, or some other suggestion from someone else below?


id get a neck thru neck from carvin and make whatever shape you please.

get the paddle headstock and start whackin away!


There is a ton of information about building instrements at the Musical Intrument Makers Forum (www.mimf.com) and the forum at Project Guitar (www.projectguitar.com). They have discussion on everything from recommended tools, building techniques, finishing, etc...

I have been a hobbiest woodworker for many years and started to build a Les Paul inspired guitar from raw lumber a couple years ago. Shortly after, my son was born and the project has sat on the shelf. I need to get back to it one of these days and finish it. :)

I would also recommend a book by Melvyn Hiscock called "Make Your Own Electric Guitar".

If you don't have the appropriate tools or woodworking experience it probably would be a lot easier (... and cheaper...) to purchase parts and assemble it yourself. Just a thought.


If you have no skills or tools, you should start with a kit or at least parts.
I think that a man's got to know his limitations, and you'll both have a happier experience if you embark on a project that's manageable and will be something you can both be proud of when it's done.

Who would get the guitar when it's done?
Or, more to the point, what's your budget?

There are some pretty decent, cheap kits from Saga. When it's done, you'll have a perfectly decent student level guitar for less than $200.

If you want to take a step up from there in money and complexity, you can buy a body and neck from USACustom guitars (buy both pieces from the same source so the neck and body are in perfect alignment.)
You can buy it pre-finished or finish the guitar with Reranch spray lacquer (www.reranch.com) Spraying is probably best done outside or with very good ventilation, so it's probably not a winter project.

There are plenty of places to buy parts. Acme will do pre wired pickguards and control plates, or you can buy the parts yourself if you know how to solder or are willing to learn. (the Saga kit has press-fit connectors I think)

And when you're done, don't be afraid to take the guitar to a tech to do a setup and finish anything that didn't quite get done.


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