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Fathers. Do your kids play?


I started my son as soon as he was big enough to hold the guitar and strum. He still plays and nothing gives me more pleasure than for the two of us to sit down and just jam together.

Here he was at 5 years old.

Here he is at 34 years old.



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My 12 year old son's musical ability amazes me. He's an outstanding drummer and bass player, but is also pretty proficient at guitar, mandolin, and ukulele. He also plays a little bit of keyboards. He plays percussion in the school band, plays drums in the school jr. jazz band, takes drum lessons, and plays drums and bass in a band that is sort of a "rock school" at the place that he takes drum lesson from. He primarily plays by ear (and is very, very good at figuring out songs.....), but can read music also....He LOVES Zeppelin and Van Halen!

Last May, my band played a benefit with a couple of other bands. Our drummer was out, having just had ankle surgery, so my son played the gig with us. It was the day after his 12th birthday and he killed it!! I'll never play a gig that beats that one!!

I couldn't possibly be more proud of him, but I have to admit I'm a little jealous of his ability.....he is already miles above me in terms of talent. He loves to play, so we don't have to bug him about practicing. His drum teacher is already talking about having him do some teaching when he gets a few years older, so its looking like the $$$ we have invested may actually pay off.
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My Son plays a little bit. Don't think he has picked up a Guitar in 3-4 years though. He is busy with small children at Home.


my kid is in 5th grade. He enjoys making noise on my lap steel. No real interest in learning guitar. He isn't really into music at all. His primary interest is video games.
He also plays drums in school band, but again doesn't practice and has no real interest other than the social experience of being in the school band.


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my son is 14. after trying (in order) guitar, keyboard, and drums he settled on violin. he is really good and recently picked up mandolin too.


My 12 year old son played for about three years and was a natural...but then he discovered lacrosse and is now obsessed with the sport.

I've told him that my gear is alway there for him if he ever wants to play.


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My kid is 11. He's played piano/synth and sang since age 4, guitar at 6, bass at 8, and he picked up drums last year. Narrowly avoided the trombone bullet last fall or else he'd play that too.

He's understood theory since he was 5. Was telling me what keys songs on the radio were in since then too. He helps me translate chord voicings I stumble upon because I'm self-taught. He's an absolutely fearless performer and is literally counting the days until he can drive so he can buy a van and tour during the summer when he's not in school.

Some people love Music. Some people live and breathe Music. Some people ARE Music - I have one of those. If he only felt as passionate about cleaning his room! lol


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My 11yo boy loves music, but he doesn't love to practice. However, his innate talent is far greater than mine ever was.

He has a great ear and uncannily good pitch (he can pick out the harmony of a song after hearing it once or twice).

While he doesn't have great chops, he's a really good songwriter. He wrote and recorded this song (about a Revolutionary War battle) when he was 9:


this past summer:



I have no children, but my mother taught me to play. She was a hippie in the 70's and let me play a classical. She didn't know too much more than some chords, but she can sing very well.


Well, my daughter's only 4 months old, but I think it's safe to say she's going to follow in her old man's footsteps.....she loves listening to and watching me play/work on guitars.



My son is 15 and plays the bass......sometimes. He loves music and is listening to rock and metal ALL THE TIME! But as far as picking up the bass and practicing, not so much. I try to get him interested and play with him. He will practice for a day or two and then put it aside.

Sometimes I feel like I should keep at it with him, but as the saying goes, You can lead a horse to water................


My son is an adult now, and married. He's played for many years, so it seems I've passed on the musician gene. he's going to inherit some pretty cool gear someday...
my eldest plays piano (notes and oido) guitar , bass , and drums pretty well. second daughter plays guitar very well. all three girls sing great


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Fathers? Might be nice if you asked "parents" because I know women also play and buy lots of equipment.


Both my sons (10) are currently showing some potential on alto sax. One of them bangs on the short scale s-style guitar we bought him 2 years ago for Christmas. Two of my daughters have taken piano lessons and went from no clue to beginner. One of them is playing Clarinet as well. The last one appears to have inherited the musical chops of my wife, i.e. tone deaf. We'll see if any of it sticks!


My son is ten going on 11 and has been playing since he was 5. He loves it and it's a real joy to share the instrument with him. He also plays piano and plays drums in the school band.


I have 2 playing sons,21 and 36. They can't help it,they've surrendered to the muse. Both pro/semi-pro bassists on electric and upright but they play all kinds of other instruments. Both can read well,the old man can't. They already have some of my gear and using it....fine with me. I remember getting a phone call from a babysitter who was in a panic telling me the oldest when he was 10 was out on the front porch playing for a bunch of his friends with my 1958 Martin 00-17. I told her to relax he knew how to handle it. I always let my kids use my gear and some of it was pretty rare and expensive but that paid off cause it helped
them play better and have a respect for vintage/rare stuff.


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My son is 27.

He knows I had a garage band in the sixties and used to play guitar and bass.

One day many years ago, he says "HMTM, (yes, he addresses me by my real name;)) I wanna learn to play guitar."

I said "OK, what kind?", thinking Fender...Gibson. His reply? "Red"

That's my boy!

My first guitar was red. It had to be red. Turned out I got a red Supro from my grandma, along with a Vox Pathfinder for voluminosity. (Either that Supro was a POS or I couldn't play. One of those.)

So, one day when he was a pre-teen I bought him a Squier Strat (red, natch) and he actually started to learn to play! He had a teacher named Rick Laser (no, not made up) and he taught him the basics so that he could start a band.

They practiced in our basement and he finally said "H" (that was his nickname for me...) you should go back to playing guitar." I said "what kind?" and of course his answer was "Red".

That began my re-quest (if you will) for tone and the holy grail of guitar...uh...Red.

(BTW-it was I who claimed that red is a tone color. Unless some one claimed it before me.)

I was especially gratified when he told us (me and Mrs. HMTM) he wanted to get a music education and wanted to go to Berklee College of Music to get a degree in Music Production and Engineering.

So he did that and now has a business that puts those skills to good use making actual money doing MP&E. Hooray!

Now, that genius guitar player son o' mine has a band and they get good reviews and they just opened for my son's favorite band, Queens of the Stone Age, in Richmond, VA a month or so ago. How cool is that?

Not to bad for guys who think red is a tone color.


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Fathers? Might be nice if you asked "parents" because I know women also play and buy lots of equipment.
Sorry. The post was a follow up to another thread in which MANY on TGP mentioned that their Dad was the one who got them started on guitar.

I was just wondering if we were doing as well.


My son has an Epi Flying V, a Strat and a Fender acoustic. He hasn't discovered pedals yet. He only has a Cry Baby, a Boss Distortion and a Starcaster Chorus because I gave them to him. I don't think he's ever even put a battery in the chorus.

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