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Favorite '70s Glam Rock


That's going deep. Good call. By the time they finally recorded and released (early 80s?) they had been punk influenced - cool by me.
"Timeless" came out in '82, but the tracks had been recorded as demos years earlier. If they had managed to make it to London in '74 they'd have been stars, but I don't think they even knew that was something they should have been trying to do


Is any of these considered GlamRock at all?
I feel like I've heard 75% of the best stuff but I want to uncover some hidden gems. So what are some of your favorite songs from this era? Let's keep it open since it was such a stylistically diverse category, so ELO, the Stooges, Bay City Rollers, Sparks and Elton John are welcome! Anything that recalls that kitschy, colorful and fun pre-punk '70s sound.

10 Random Faves from me:

Rocket -Mud
Do the Strand - Roxy Music
Seven Deadly Finns - Brian Eno
Soul Love - Bowie
Clap Your Hands - Bonnie St. Claire
The Moon Upstairs - Mott the Hoople
Jet Boy - New York Dolls
Rock On - The Glitter Band
Rock On - David Essex
The Wild One - Suzi Quatro
I'd vote the Sweet and t-Rex.

Bowie is another level way beyond glam.

dan in RI

The Dolls are one of the greatest rock and roll bands of any genre ever. Not much to add here.. Mick Ronson is god, and Roxy's glam period is fantastic. T Rex had a great shtick and it's a shame the planned comeback tour never got to happen. Dandy in the underworld indeed.

Edit: Funny to see David Essex mentioned. I was on a friend's boat with Mr Essex's ex wife a few years back. She had aged very gracefully, I thought, and she'd been a musician of some note herself.
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