Favorite Bridge Type?

What is your favorite bridge type?

  • Tune O Matic (TOM)

    Votes: 37 28.5%
  • Wraparound

    Votes: 19 14.6%
  • Telecaster

    Votes: 15 11.5%
  • Stratocaster

    Votes: 31 23.8%
  • Hardtail Strat

    Votes: 12 9.2%
  • Floyd Rose (or other locking trem)

    Votes: 26 20.0%
  • Bigsby

    Votes: 7 5.4%
  • Jazzmaster / Jaguar

    Votes: 7 5.4%
  • Vibrola

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Steinberger (or other headless)

    Votes: 1 0.8%

  • Total voters


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This thread has a Poll!

(Let me know if I should add an extra category)

The bridge on a guitar has a massive influence on the playing feel of any given guitar and can also contribute to the sound. Bridge swaps of even the same type but with different build materials and saddles made of different materials can make a noticeable difference to the player.

Some people want a wammy bar on all their guitars, some people do hardtail only.

What is your favorite bridge type and why?

I will start by saying at an early time in my guitar playing I got set on hardtail bridges in general.
I do a lot of double stops and holding one note while bending the other, drone notes and bending, etc. so I don't like it when the rest of the guitar changes pitch during bends. I also have come to love the attack and immediacy feel of hard tails.
My main was a hardtail strat for about a decade then it was a Gibson "The Paul" with a TOM bridge for the next decade.
Now I have become a wraparound convert and love the feel and sound more than any other bridge.
I just have more fun with guitars that have wraparound bridges. Sure, I can have fun with any guitar with any bridge system but wraparound is my preference.
Then there are all different kinds of wraparound bridges as well and I have owned 4 different models and tried others and my preference could be guitar dependent.
I will say that when putting together a new custom guitar I pretty much always want it to have a wraparound bridge now. Glad that Warmoth still allows that as a custom option with angled neck pocket (you send your bridge inserts to them and they install them).
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Capstan Philips

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Stratocaster bridge (of the given options).
  • Vibrato
  • Action adjustable per string
  • Intonation adjustable per string
  • Good break angle for all strings
  • Has its own sound, especially when floating
My only caveat would be that the screw-in trem arm is a design flaw - sloppy and prone to breakage/misthreading. The PRS push-in design resolves those issues (or the Callaham block, as an upgrade to a Fender trem).


It’s entirely dependent on the guitar it’s on and I dig too many different guitars to pick a favorite.

I prefer Strat bridges on Strats, Floyd’s on Ibanez/metal guitars, Evertune on rhythm/metal guitars, Tele bridge on a Tele, etc.

I’d have to break it down by brand/model for each individual bridge type; Strat/Calllaham, Floyd/Ibanez Lo-Pro, etc.


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TOM- they sit further off the top and make palm muting as easy as any bridge by putting the stings right on the surface of the saddles.
They also provide support behind the saddles for hand posiiton when wanted.
However, they are difficult to mount, require a tailpiece, some are a bit flimsy and bitsy, and I prefer vintage Fender string spacing.

So, is there a surface mount TOM type out there?

Brian N

Every one of my guitars has a tune o matic. Even my strats.



Blue Lizard

Could do with multiple voting allowed - when you need it, a locking tremolo is great; otherwise I'm really happy with a Stratty trem bridge.

Some big differences within each type though - for a "Floyd" bridge, I'd hands-down pick a Gotoh 1996:


For a Strat-type I'd go with a Gotoh 510 with a push-in arm:


Musicman's non-locking tremolo is great too:



I like Strat style the best, either two point or six screw, if you set them up right, you're all good. I like a good TOM too, although I put a bigsby on my one TOM guitar. I think certain types suit certain guitars, and I like a variety of guitar types .


Non-trem - Telecaster
Trem- Modern Fender style 2 point w/ locking tuners. Set up right they stay in tune almost as well as Floyd type without all the locking nut and fine tuner hassles.

Least Fav- Floyds, better have 3 guitars at every gig. Break one string and you're out of tune the rest of the night. Even after spending 20 minutes trying to get that thing restrung and balanced up again. Also seem to take more meat and sustain out of the tone.
Had a couple, got rid of those guitars. Too high maintenance. Good locking tuners pretty much negated the need for me.


It depends on the guitar, doesn't it? A true tele has an ashtray bridge. I don't think I've ever seen one on any other style guitar.

Perhaps your poll should have allowed more than one choice?


Fender made Jazzmaster/Jaguar/Mustang bridges and their vibratos.

Why? They’re perfect, rock solid, and sound better than anything else. I do like tuneomatics on Mustangs if I don’t intend on using the vibrato. String spacing and sound is why.

Favorite non-vibrato is a plain old school aluminum wraparound with no individual string intonation adjustments.



Metal guy here. I like string thru guitars. I can do hard tails like a Hipshot or whatever, and all my LPs have TOMs, but this is the most comfortable for me.

I do a lot of palm muting and a lot of double stop rhythm stuff, and this thing sits perfectly where I need it to. I anchor my hand right on the top edge of that Gotoh bridge and it never moves the whole time. Awesome.
I voted Bigsby but I would vote for Tru Arc because they are an improvement on the Bigsby and Gretsch Bar Bridge designs.

I'd like to see the Melita Synchrosonic up there too...another favourite of mine.


  1. PRS core brass trem
  2. aluminum wraparound
  3. Telecaster
but I can deal with most others too - except for locking style trems or some vintage, oddball auto-detuners. :dunno


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