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Favorite epic love ballads?


I'm guessing you mean specific to the world of rock/power/monster ballads, because in other genres (R&B, jazz) romantic songs are the norm.

I've always been partial to this one ... when I was younger, and drunk...

BTW, can you believe that on Warrant's own VEVO page, this video is posted, but the outro solo is cut out and faded from the song?!? o_O Blasphhemy...



Estranged by Gn’R. The video tended to ruin it in people’s minds but I’ll never forget hearing that song the night before the album’s release when a radio station in Youngstown was playing the album in it’s entirety. The melodies are iconic from beginning to end, both the vocals and the guitars.

There was no reigning Axl in during this period but a less is more approach would’ve been much better as far as the conceptual videos and the music’s longevity would’ve been much better served IMHO. Estranged is a true rock classic that was undermined by the visuals

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