Favorite Fender Super Reverb Speakers


Any preferences for speakers in your blackface super reverb? I'm speaking mainly in terms of original speakers.

CTS, Jensen...etc????


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I'm interested in re-speakering my super reverb reissue soon and I'd love to hear some opinions. I know the JBLs are the speaker of lore for blackface fenders, but i'm interested in what they actually sound like. I know they are very robust and with a lot of headroom, but are they EV like??

what i'm looking for in my super are LOUD (high efficiency) sweet sounding (non-beamy) speakers with solid bottoms and gentle but accurate top end response with a midrange that can go from classic fender to an almost vox-y growl when EQ'd correctly.

From what I understand, i may be thinking about weber's JBL clones mixed with his 10" blue dogs.


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Kendrick Black-Frame 10 inch speakers in my '65 Blackface Fender Super Reverb amp. Awesome tones...

Sweet T

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I have a mix of Weber 10A125's and 10F150's in mine, and they sound good, but I'm really looking forward to hearing Weber's CTA's when they come out.

Jack Daniels

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My Super Reverb currently has Reverend Altone 10-25's in it. They are basically Naylors version of a hot-rodded Jensen Ceramic. They have plenty of chime and are nice and full on the bottom. The bottom can be a little on the loose side with a Les Paul, but I like the fullness it gives. If you want the same tone but with a much tighter bottom end, the newer version of that speaker was the Altone 10-30. The disctinctive difference is the tightness on the bottom. The amp still retains that great Fender/Jensen sound and is very smooth and full.

JBL D110's are great speakers too. Not very colored and sort of bright on top. Not harsh, but certainly bright. I find them to be a little on the directional side...maybe a bit beamy. I much prefer the D120 12" to the D110 10" because of this.

Good Luck.


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