Favorite live version of a song?

Every KISS song from the Alice! and Alive II albums. Their studio recordings just had zero energy or the sound was awful or something my 12 yo mind recognized but couldn’t articulate.
Yeah, they are known for being way better live than in the studio.


I like this a lot more than the studio version, maybe because I saw this on MTV many times before hearing the studio version.
Actually back then MTV was playing songs from the Saturday Night Concert series they had because there weren't enough actual videos to air so I heard a lot of live versions before hearing the studio version. I was never a big REO fan but as a kid just starting to play guitar I loved the way Richrath sounded on the live version of Riding The Storm Out that was in pretty heavy rotation in the early days of MTV, the live Foghat had some cool guitar playing too.

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This hasn't been mentioned? Wow. Along with Rock Bottom, this was the only thing that popped into my mind. All of the solos are incredible, but the very last one (immediately after the talk box through the end) is more or less the definition of both rock guitar and the excitement of live music for me.


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