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Favorite Plexi Clones under 50w?


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Currently own a Fargen Mighty Plex II (40w version) and couldn't imagine getting any better tones. Does the 45, 50 and JCM800 very, very well. Incredibly useful amp and every setting sounds good. I'll put it above the bluesbreaker (returned to vintage spec) I used to own, as well as other JTM45 RI amps I played.


Recently I posted about the best 2x12 cabs to pair w a Marshall super lead head. I’ve been playing around w the 20w reissue and a 100w plexi reissue of late. The 20 has the vintage sounds and tones and is fantastic but is missing some low end punch and mids, understandably.

been reading up on the clones: Germino 35, Metropoulos, Christine, etc.

What are some of your favorite plexi clones in the 50w and less range?
I'd suspect it's more on the cabs than it is on the heads. If possible, I'd try out different cabs, or try swapping speakers.


A store near me has the Victory Sheriff 22 and 44 on sale....very interested.
I had the Sheriff 44 and it does sound good but it does not take drive pedals well as it is designed to do the overdrive itself. After putting a 12AT7 in V1 the input gain went down and it took pedals really well


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