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Favorite Trem system and why



Don't know why, but this is the absolute perfect bridge design to me.

I have a small brain, so a lot of setup work can be slightly frustrating, but I can set up a 6 point strat bridge in no time flat. I LOVE how tense and un-smooth they are, always set for down only.

Two point trems are by far my least favorite, but I can't explain why.

The mastery Jazz full setup is absolutely heavenly though... it's like a subtle floyd that requires zero setup. But for some reason I keep going back to the most inconvenient option.


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TLDR - for me it’s genre/guitar specific.

I love Bigsbys (and have them on 4 guitars - 3 Gretsches and an LP) but they don’t do what a strat trem does.

I have a floating Gotoh 510 on my Suhr and for me it’s a good balance between vintage strat trem and Floyd - I’ve never found it limiting (even in cover bands) and it stays in tune well, even with deep dives. If I got another strat or superstrat I’d probably go for the 510 again.


My favorite trem system is the Super-Vee BladeRunner I used on my Partscaster to replace a vintage six screw strat trem. Took a little while to get used to the somewhat stiffer feel but now I prefer it to any other strat trem or any other type of trem that I have used. It was very easy to get it set up to where it always returns to tune after light or heavy use and once properly set-up it has never needed any adjustment in 4 years. Also, I like the fact that the appearance doesn't call attention to itself.



First pick is Floyd Rose. I have a custom built instrument with one and have had guitars with Floyd's on them too.

As said by another member here my MIA Strat has a Blade Runner, next to a Floyd it can't be beat.


Gotoh 510, it can do subtle and it’s very accurate for melodic trem Beck stuff.
Has a vintage feel and great tuning stability.

The Floyd Rose doesn’t do subtle very well and the locking is a pain in the arse but if you’re doing dive bombs all day it’s great.
The Bigsby, which I love, only does subtle but it does it the best.

So it really depends on what you’re trying to do with it.

Hank Habanero

Floyd! It stays in tune, and pretty much eliminates most things that can make a guitar go out of tune, such as badly cut nut, crappy tuners and so on.

I have them on all my guitars, even though I don't use the bar that much, since I just love the tuning stability and feel of them. Another bonus is I hardly ever break strings on Floyds, which happens all the time on most traditional bridges for me.


I think most have a right time and place.

Love Floyd for stutters and dives and even surfier stuff , love Bigsby for gentle wobbles and a proper set up strat six screw set to float sounds amazing and useful for most applications.


No point having a favourite, when they all do their own thing. You’ve just gotta get used to each system and what it does.
PRS trem is pretty good at nearly everything though.

Hired Goon

For locking system: original Floyd Rose non-recessed (and it is better than the 1000)

For non locking: Wilkinson WVP Knife Edge Tremolo Bridge with BM Custom Trem Arm. Have a Brian May guitar with this and I'm extremely impressed with the feel

For a Tele or LP:. Bigsby just because of the way it looks on these guitars


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Original Floyd and i upgraded 2 guitars with Titanium FR. It is lighter and feels and looks great.
I also like "Baby Floyd" by Tom Anderson, best non locking trem in my experience. It is not as stable as OFR tho.


I dislike double locking systems like Floyd Rose. I owned dozens of them over the years. Yes, they stay in tune but changing tunings is a pain in the ass. I prefer a traditional 6 screw or 2 point system with locking tuners. When setup properly they stay in tune well.


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I love the G&L's Dual Fulcrum. The Gotoh 510T and its variants like the T1802 found on the Ibanez AZ are great.
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I just got my first guitar with a trem. It's a Floyd rose on an early 90's Yamaha RGX. I will let you know how I like it...lol. seems fun so far.
...newer higher end Original series bridges have lots of cosmetic issues and anecdotes suggest the knife edges dull fast on the new ones...

Interesting. My experience is of say ten to twenty years ago (~), and they weren't great then either, lumpy castings, inaccurate machining, knife edge OK so far. I have no experience with the '80s stuff or modern stuff. I wouldn't touch it now anyway, too expensive, Gotoh is far more affordable, and higher quality.

...If only one of your guitars could have a trem/vibrato system system, which tremolo would you choose and why?...

I've had OFR, GE1996T, Original Edge, Six Screw Strat, Two Post Strat, Yamaha Floyd copies, so really only variations on the Strat bridge, don't know about Bigsby or Offset or ...

Whatever the choice, it would have to be Gotoh something, I could make the 510T or the Wilkinson WVS1302P work, but I don't choose those. Internal teenager wants double locking.

It comes down to GE1996T or Original Edge. The GE1996T seems more robust, as all hardened steel on top, and brass block. The Original Edge seems a little more flimsy, as the fine tuners thread into die cast material, and die cast zinc alloy block.

But the Original Edge has a response to arm movement that I find easier to work with, seems to do what I want with less effort (even when I was more used to others), so I think I'll go with that.


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a real original floyd is unquestionably the best. if you properly stretch your strings prior to locking the nut the guitar will stay in tune....for days. I picked up my anderson recently, hadn't played it in 3 months. Was totally in tune. Im' talking maybe a few cents off at most.

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