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Just a bought a Revv G20, which has the Two Notes Torpedo embedded. I’m new to cab sims, and I’m overwhelmed with the dizzying amount of options. So, any of you who use Two Notes products…any recommendations?

For metal, I’m pretty happy with the Revv closed back 4x12 that came preloaded, but I’m open to try anything people thought sounded better.

Also, for the clean channel, was hoping to find a Fender-y sounded cab, which the G20 should be able to approximate with its 6v6s, with the right EQ and cab/IR, yeah? (The G20 clean channel is great at taking pedals, but by itself, it’s a bit ‘sterile,’ and was hoping maybe the right cab sim would give it a little character.)

Anyway, those of you who use Two Notes, would love to hear which cabs you really like.


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TR Sig 65

I had a Two Notes Torpedo Live for a few years and the TR Sig 65 was my goto cab most of the time. The official Suhr cabs are very good too.


Great thread :

For Rock and Hard Rock I love :
1° Laney LA412 Heritage G12H 75hz + 2° Recto Standard OS Slant SLE
I tried (boutique) and may buy :
1° Phil X Mars 412 + 2° Phil X MLC


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I've swapped out all of the included IRs on my G20. I have a bunch of the York Audio stuff and it sounds amazing. I use them on my Generator 120MK3 as well as the Axe III.


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Imho we should stick to Two Notes DynIR cabs, as there are already quite a few thread about standard IRs (and yes, York Audio’s are excellent).
Good thread idea btw, I actually wanted to open one like that myself.
Some that come to mind :
Suhr 412 GB : great with Marshall type amps. A short clip here :

BHG Exquisite Green (Matchless 2x12) : excellent as well with Marshall amps for low to medium gain tones. Works also great with my Fuchs ODS, adds a nice grit to the tone
Phil X Mars 212 with G12-65 : great with the Fuchs
Dynadream 2x10 with WGS ET10 (Revv cab) : sounds real good with my Vibrolux for clean tones
The 12-Bar Blues Club, Super Reverb 4x10 : great clean tones with my Super Reverb or Vibrolux
Sig M75LD, a Two Rock 2x12 : really nice with the Fuchs
Victory Copper 212O boutique : really cool for gritty tones with a Marshall for instance, but also nice with Fender amps.
Rad Retro Radio, 1x12 with Celestion 80 : unusual cab, sounds very fat, I like it a lot

I’ll be back for more… :)
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great thread guys! If you want any help or advise on your Two notes gear, hit me up!

For the record, right now I'm favouring the Alien Green '86, the Pete Thorn MC75, DeLuxTwee, Greatsch and the Victory Copper 212 O


For Two Notes Dynir's, I really like both Dave Friedman, and Pete Thorn's packs..For the imbedded Dynir's. I like the Marshall 4x10 (Brit 65C?), and the EVH 2X12.
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George Lynch collection - one of the 412 w/greenbacks - can’t remember which I have loaded.

The 412 w/greenbacks on my FRFR sounds very warm to me for a DynIR. I think I’m dual mic’ing it with SM57 and one of the ribbon mic models. Part of the sound is the way I have the CAB M+ setup for EL34 modeling and EQ + Enhancer settings. Once I was done tweaking the sound I knew it was something I should just stop and enjoy it and stop browsing DynIR’s

Not going to look further although the George Lynch pack is full of some good ones including DynIR’s of some of the actual cabs George bought from Eddie.

I also like the Revv 212 DynIR that came with the CAB M+.

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