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Favorite "unconventional" use for a pedal?


Silver Supporting Member
I didn’t read the whole thread but a couple pages in and I didn’t see anyone mention the use of a compressor or EQ as a “underdrive.”

crank yours amp up into overdrive, then set the EQ to cut the level and shape the signal (cut the mids), or use a compressor to squash the signal then pull the output gain way down to “whoa” the signal and clean the amp up. There, you have a dirty and a clean channel on your amp!


david torn / splattercell
Platinum Supporting Member
I would sometimes use a Dunlop wah while cutting keyboard tracks with an old Casio PCM-based keyboard, to get the old Oberheim/Jupiter fat oscillator thing.

Used to use a Digitech delay to fatten and add snap to bass tracks cut with a darker, wooly-sounding bass. 10ms delay, 50% wet, it would accentuate the attack and add punch without adding mud.

Had an old cheapie chorus that, with a slow sweep and maximum depth, could do a pretty good copy of EJ's "party flange" sound like on "Desert Rose".

Used various guitar pedals to color vox tracks during mixdown, too.
mostly, i was thinking of stuff i do with drums, with horns, upright bass..... often using parallel tracks for that.
it's pretty typical in my recorded (non-film) work, i guess.
since around 1994, i've been getting a bit more sophisticated with it --- employing it very discreetly sometimes, just to lend some "unknown quality" (and odd phase-events) for enhancement of something within the music.


Gold Supporting Member
Realistic (no, no it isn't realistic) Reverb as a fuzz pedal. It's a very short slap back delay with some feedback, but makes a nice transistor fuzz.

Check out about 7:47 for the fuzz:


Found yet another weird/quirky use for a pedal. My EQD Sea Machine is now acting as a noise gate for a couple pedals picking up radio stations (I live in a very old house with bad wiring). I never thought I'd use a chorus as an always on effect, but it solves the issue while adding a lovely subtle shimmer to rhythm sound.


I bought a frostwave blue ringer ring mod out of curiosity. Plugged it in once and never touched it again until more than 10 years later this year I hunt down a 16v AC power supply for it (lost the original power supply didnt even know when lol) and tinker with it again. Now its staying on my board as a tremolo. The best tremolo ever extremely organic and lively.

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