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Favourite not popular guitarist?


Silver Supporting Member
When I’m asked about my favourite guitarists, I tend to go to my more obvious choices: John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert.....

Then I got thinking about other guitarists that I love, but are less talked about.

What are some of your favourite not popular guitarists out there?

I’ll start!

Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed).

He’s awesome. He’s been pushing the envelope of technical metal and grindcore for over 20 years, he’s great with grooves, and he’s highly underrated. IMO, he’s been at the forefront of modern metal and music technology for years.


Russ Freeman from the Rippingtons.

I've transcribed some of his solos and what he does musically and technically is jaw-dropping. I know the band had a good run, but I'm still surprised his name doesn't come up more often.

Also Acoustic Alchemy. Talk about exquisite guitar playing done in a way that serves superbly crafted tunes - they are the masters.


Please Don't Sell Me Any More Gear
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Todd Park Mohr from Big Head Todd & the Monsters.
I've been chasing that tone of his from "Midnight Radio" for a few decades now. That delay is PERFECT. Andy Timmons gets it, too (another guy who should be more famous); I know Timmons used a Deluxe Memory Man but I'm sure he's switched to something more sensible.

Daniel Travis

Silver Supporting Member
My name is actually John Drenning. "Drenning" is a pretty unusual name. A friend from Florida used to send me clippings about them, just to **** with me....

But I digress. I vote for Jesse Ed Davis!
Jon Drenning is the MAN, dude.

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