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FedEx destroyed my vintage Princeton Reverb - help requested


Wrong again. The invoice amount is what you’re selling the item for. The Declared Value is what it cost you, or to put it another way, what UPS or FedEx will pay a claim for.
Oh my word, you're totally right! You must be some sort of genius or something! I'm just a lowly shrub! Godamnit and Jesus H. Christ!


The one whammo I experienced was with UPS. I'm an engineer so I can estimate how much force it takes to do a certain amount of damage. There's a printed medallion on the bottom of most U.S. made boxes that tell us gross weight, burst strength and a few other things. Plus, I usually pack things to survive re- entry from orbit.

I always do my own packing.

"I can pay someone to screw something up for me or I can screw it up myself for FREE!!"

UPS wanted to see pics of the box, the box certificate, the packing material and the amp. They cut me a check and sent a driver over to collect the "salvage".

Mind you, if they pay out $1000- $1500 for a damaged Princeton Reverb they own it. From their perspective if they pay $1000 to repair a $1500 amp you end yup with $2500 value.

I think amp restoration should be a "thing". Mind you, I restore amps. It's difficult to get paid for it because untouched original amps command top dollar. Everything else is assumed to have been messed with. That can be exceedingly difficult to monetize.

I simply apply the same concepts I've always applied to restoring motorcycles and automobiles. If I want a classic bike I can pay a zillion dollars for an untouched original or I can buy half a dozen beaters to build one pristine specimen. I don't hesitate to upgrading to the best parts whether they be OEM or aftermarket. For example I can build up a 427 c.i. "Chevy" small block using a Dart block and a stroker crank. Can't imagine why I'd get hung up on OEM parts when I can dramatically improve it.

That's a big part of the hassle here. It's going to cost real money to restore the O.P.s amp, money that won't be value- added due to current market trends and perspectives.

70 Mach 1

Silver Supporting Member
im not sure i understand what going on

why would you mail it to yourself

seem like thats asking for trouble

theyre tiny and light, you can tuck them under your arm and drive with it

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