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Feedback on D2F Custom amp covers

Ben R

Hi, folks. I searched the forum for a similar thread and didn't find one. But, forgive me if one actually exists and I just missed it. Anyway, As I mentioned in the long "Along came a Spider... Valve that is" thread a couple of times, I am a Spider Valve 212 owner (among other amps & cabinets). Anyway, line 6 does not make amp covers for their products. I wanted one for my Spider Valve. I found a company online called "D2F Covers, Inc." that custom makes covers for amps, speaker cabinets, and just about any piece of musical equipment that might need one. After comparing them online to other similar companies, I decided to purchase a cover from them. I received it yesterday and I just wanted to report that the quality of their covers is outstanding. They're duarble & water resistant on the outside, and are thickly padded and have a soft felt-like material on the inside where it touches the amp. It seems like it would be hard to ding your amp with this thing on it while transporting it around.

With so many people in this forum who seem to have delicate, rare, and valuable amps and music equipment, I figured I'd mention it. When I own other amps down the road with no covers (especially if it's rare and valuable), I'll buy another one from these guys. They make them for literally any amp. If they don't currently have a template for your amp, they can make you one if you give them measurements of the amp. Anyhow, as you were...


Silver Supporting Member
thanks for the report. I have been considering them for my Princeton Reverb. All reviews seem to be very favorable so far.


Wild Gear Herder
Platinum Supporting Member
I've bought several D2F covers and found the covers to be excellent and the customer service to be even better! Great guys to do biz with.


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Thanks for the heads up I'm looking to get a good cover for my VHT Super 30, i will check them out!


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I just got one for my VIbrolux Reverb. It fits nicely and is well made. Plus, the guy who makes them lives 8 miles from here!

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