FEELER: Black Kemper Toaster & Atomic CLR Neo CLR Wedge

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My band situation has imploded and it's time for me to buy a house, so I think the Kemper might be moving onto Greener Pastures...

I have virtually EVERY Amp Factory Profile 1-6, plus some killer Select Soundside Profiles. It's more profiles than anyone will ever know what to do with. The Kemper comes in a really cool travel bag (better than Kemper bag!)

FCB1010 with SKB carrying case and uno4Kemper chip and 2 x 25' Midi Cables.

Kemper w/case $1750 PPG plus shipping
CLR neo Wedge $1275 PPG plus shipping
add $100 for the FCB1010 with case (not selling separately unless I move the other gear)

$3000 PPG (or local transaction in NYC) shipped gets everything.

No trades please.

Not open for further replies.

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