Sold Fender 57 Deluxe tweed reissue amp head, combo cab available


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Amp Head sold on ebay for $1350 shipped/insured/paypal'd.

This is a Fender 57 Deluxe reissue head. I have a Deluxe combo cab that is also available if you want the amp mounted in that or if you want the combo cab along with head to use as a speaker cab.

This is genuine Fender, hand-wired in the USA with premium components and Mercury Magnetics transformers. It also has the Fender 5 year transferable warranty.

The Fender head is in essentially new condition (appearance and function) with low hours and original tubes. It will ship in the original factory shipping carton. Price: $1200 shipped/insured/paypal'd.

Alternate: same amp mounted in the combo cab, but no speaker: $1200 shipped/insured/paypal'd

Please PM or email with any questions.

Pics are in this TGP album:

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