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Sold Fender '64 Bridge Pickup and a Lollar Imperial Neck for Telecaster!

The Worship Guitarist

Silver Supporting Member
Check out the pics here: https://reverb.com/item/29416944-fender-64-bridge-pickup-and-a-lollar-imperial-neck-for-telecaster

Price: $222 shipped

These pickups are amazing! The bridge pickup is a Fender Pure Vintage '64 and that beautiful neck pickup is a Lollar Imperial Neck. The Lollar pickup comes installed in an early 90's original Fender pickguard with screws and springs. It will fit almost any 8 hole Fender Tele. The Lollar also comes with the original box and goodies.

Shipping CONUS only.

Thanks for looking and message me with any questions!

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