Fender 65 Twin Reissue Tube Question


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I have been around here a while but I do not post much.

I play mostly classic rock, Aerosmith, Kiss the standard fare.
I do enjoy the clean sound of the twin very much, and my pedal board can make it do all kinds of wonderful overdrive.

My question is about power tubes. I know SRV used 7581A/KT66 type tubes can these be used in a 65 TRRI? If so does it need to be re-biased? I have a 2 socket bias meter and have biased the amp before with the two bottom screws.

Next I start to research speakers (Jensen C12K atm)

Any ideas or help would be great.
Thanks again,

Dumb Bell

To me 7581a's are the best for blackface twins. I have RCA 6L6's in mine, also pretty nice.

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