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Fender 68' Custom Vibrolux


I see a lot of folk out there seem to have more experience with the '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb but does anyone own or has anyone played the new 68' Custom Vibrolux?


I'm fairly sure there have been several threads (on this forum) on the 68 custom vibrolux reverb.....try the search function. Most of what I've read was favorable.


I wanted one of these but couldn't find the, for sale in Australia. Ended getting an early 90's Vibroverb reissue.


Senior Member
The 68VR is less compressed, has a stronger mid presence and more available top end. Where I find the 68DR too compressed when pushed, the 68VR remained open and airy. I played both of them last weekend, along with the ML Deville. I liked 68DR less after playing the other two.

As for the Supro Coronado, I find it to be stiffer at lower to mid volume than the 68VR, but it's pushed into drive tones are slightly more rewarding. Now the Thunderbolt was incredible though. That with a good board is something killer.


I recently demoed the 68 line...

Hated the Princeton and Twin...

Deluxe was very nice and I could make it work but the VL was the star of the show for me...

Was a lot more open sounding than the CDR and it had a certain familiar tone...was a bright amp which I believe will sweeten up with some abuse to the speakers...absolutely loved this amp and preferred it to the Toneking Skyking which I was lusting after until I played the VL...

I usually prefer 10" speakers and 6L6 tubes in BF Fender circuits and I think that is why I much prefer the VL to the Deluxe...6V6s and 12" speakers just sound too compressed to me...

It does what my 64 Bassman does in that up until about 4-4.5 you get sparkly BF cleans...at 5 and above you go into JTM45 crunch territory (probably due to the Celestions) with cleanup back to BF cleans with the volume knob on your guitar...this amp rocks!!

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