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Fender Blacktop HH Telecasters - Who owns one?

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I've played a couple of these and I really enjoyed both but I'm a little worried to buy a Mexican guitar blind... how is the consistency rate? Does anybody here own one?


I have a Blacktop Jag. I played several. They have been pretty consistent and decent guitars. The only issues I have hit is fret sprout on some of them. There were some grounding issues on some of the early blacktops as well. The bridge was not grounded well I believe.


I have a blacktop tele and i've had it for about 3 years. I've gone back and forth between it and an american deluxe start. In the last 3 months I've absolutely fallen in love with it, its my go to guitar at the moment and I also own a epiphany swingster.


Here's my advice : if you buy online, buy from a small retailer who can check your guitar before shipping it. Typical questions I would ask prior to committing to buy :

- protruding or sharp fret ends
- fret buzz
- scratchy electonics
- straight neck
- any structural, cosmetic or functional flaw
- 100% stock

If the seller sends an email confirming these are fine. You can buy. 99.9999% of the times you'll be satisfied. Otherwise, you'll have an email to base your complaint upon.

If you buy from a major online distributor, too big to check individual instruments, just make sure all costs are refundable if the guitar is flawed (including return shipping costs).


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I have the Strat with a Floyd. It's a surprisingly good guitar. Sounds great and plays really well.


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I got the Blacktop Jag for Christmas. The only real issue I have is that I'm not a huge fan of the neck pickup and the nut is causing some slight buzz on the high E-string. And the knobs when full cranked were positioned at the "0" position instead of "10" (boy, that was confusing the 1st time I looked at it).

Aside from the high-E string buzz, the playability is great and the neck is nice and comfy. Mine has no protruding fret ends (yet?).

I already have a TUSQ nut to put on it. I'm probably gonna install some locking tuners, a new tortoise pickguard and some new pickups. I will probably opt for some new pots and new switch too. The pots are the solid-shaft type and are extremely stiff. The 3-way switch seems to be nice and solid and easy to flip (unlike alot of 3-way switches I find on Epiphones and the like).


I don't think I've ever played a bad mexican fender and I would say their quality is pretty consistent. I bought a Blacktop tele from guitar center when they came out but they didn't have the configuration I wanted in store so they mailed me the one I wanted and it was great right out of the box.

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