Fender Blues Deluxe FX Loop not working, advice needed....


I wanted to connect a delay in the preamp out - power amp in loop of my Fender BD and there was no signal at all. I thought the effect itself was broken, then I connected the pre amp out - power amp in DIRECTLY with a patch cable and still NO sound. This means the circuit between pre amp OUT and power amp IN is somewhere broken, right?

Otherwise the amp is working flawlessly if you don't use this FX loop. I suppose some of the preamp-poweramp (IN/OUT) jacks are either broken or there is a bald solder join.

I also opened up the amp to measure the circuit between pre amp out and power amp in, but the jacks are mounted directly to the PCB. Are they soldered or do they plug in and out of the PCB? I am not really willing to take all the pots off in order to dismount the PCB and peek at the other side of the board. Has anyone changed any jacks on this amp?

If the PCB needs to be taken off, I will probably leave it as is.... I have been using this amp for years and never had any need for an FX loop.


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