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Fender Blues Jr LTD ED Tweed vs DRRI


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Which would be the better buy for a grab and go rehearsal amp for music types of:

Classic Rock

I have many amps, all heavy.....the most important feature in the amp is the clean tone, as I have excellent pedals to fill in the blanks.

I don't want to spend more than $700, and don't want a Line 6, Crate.....nothing wrong with these amps just not my cup of tea and I've pretty much narrowed it down to the two amps in the subject line.

I have a 20% off coupon that expires soon for MF, so it means that the DRRI will cost $679 shipped, and the BJ $423 and change....

I've tried both amps in GC and really like both, but found the DRRI to be more open sounding with a bit more clean headroom. The BJ, however, seemed loud enough for my needs.

So which one would get your vote?


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DRRI all the way. the BJ has next to no headroom. The cleans also have a lot more depth in the DRRI.

Big Al Z

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DRRI is a good choice as long as you don't get caught up in improving the sound - it's easy to do depending on what you current amps are. A new speaker and tubes and rebiasing can add up in costs.

A BJ with a mic in front of it adds alot of portability.
Being that you stated you have many other amps and are looking for a grab and go - I'd go with the BJ - not that I'll sound as good as a DRRI - but you'll be buying a more useful and easier to like amp.


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I went with the DRRI.....I went back and tried both amps at GC and the DRRI sounds miles better...and for the purpose I want it for, I won't be making any mods to it (it won't be the my main, prime time amp).

And the weight is a very manageable 40 lbs on the DRRI compared to my 70+ lbs combo amps I have now (Mesa Boogie Lonestar, Mark IV, Mk III, JC120)


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I've got a DRRI and I love it. The mods aren't really all that expensive...maybe and extra $200 and you've got an amp that can compete with many boutiques and vintage DR's...IMHO though...It's funny, I've gone through so many amps and started with a Deluxe Reverb and ended up right back where I started! To be honest...I've owned this amp 3 times in 10 years! haha

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