Sold Fender Blues Jr. w/BillM Mods

tim boehlert

SOLD! Fender Bues Jr. w/BillM mods:

(1) Upgraded OT TO-20 []
(2) Power stiffening Caps
(3) Upgraded Tone caps
(4) Bias Board []
(5) Switchcraft Input Jack
(6) Presence Control []
(7) 3-way ON/STBY/OFF switch []
(8) Clean Boost []

1x12" Celestion Greenback, vintage Fender Cab w/Reverb and vintage cover. That's $200 of upgrades PLUS the installation cost, PLUS the vintage cab w/cover and Upgraded Celestion Greenback 12" speaker! Well over $950 into this project!


$750 shipped CONUS, PP.
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