Fender Broadcaster Prototype


I just found this video of one of, if not the first, prototype of what would become the Fender Broadcaster (the first to have two pickups). Very cool story behind this guitar. This guitar belonged to Sam Hutton, amp builder at Fender, and he used this instrument to test the amps.



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Wow. What a story and a cool storyteller


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Years ago, i still have it by the way, i took a 1960 tweed bassman that i found to jeff bober before he was mr buddah to redo the amp and he sent it to sam hutton to have retweeded, what a wonderful job he did, i remember sam hutton called me to ask some questions about my tweed bassman and he wanted to give me some money for my original dogbone handle and sell me a reissue and i said no thank you, anyway a real nice guy and the retweed on the bassman is fantastic, i have had it now for about 14-15 years and with some natural playing wear it is starting to look like a real original tweed, give it another 15 years and no one will know the difference.

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