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Fender Champ 12??


Platinum Supporting Member
Anyone know this amp? It was offered to me as the backline amp on a fly date. Of course it will be mic'd.

Does it sound good? Does it have enough clean headroom to compete with a drum kit if I keep it pointed at me?

Does it sound like a little twin?




I had this amp when i was in high school. Its a total piece of junk in IMHO. Thin and harsh, the overdrive is bad, The cleans are thin as well. Just not a great amp man. Just my opinion but I had mine for about 3 years and I was so happy to get rid of it.


Senior Member
honestly, if they are in good shape with decent tubes they can be a great amp. they don't have a ton of headroom regardless. i used one for years with a regional touring 80's band. i took the slave out to a small power amp and into a 2x12 mesa cab. the clean sounds were nice and the lead tones were borderline over the top. it is a class amp amp and whatever tube (6l6, iirc) is in there makes a big difference.


I had one that I recently sold, and I kind of wish I would have kept it. In my opinion the drive channel was pretty cheesy, and so was the cardboard reverb tank, but I thought the cleans were pretty darn good, even all the way up. Hit it with a pedal and it was a pretty great little amp. Not particularly loud, but it has a 6L6, which is a nice change from the traditional 6V6/EL84 in most SE amps.


I have one that I use for rehearsal and in small clubs. The distortion channel is crap as is the reverb. However, the clean channel has a nice punch to it and the amp sounds great with pedals. It has to be miked and going through the PA to cut through the mix, especially for leads. However, for small clubs it's fine.

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