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Fender Champ or Garnet Banshee


I'm looking to get a second small combo to run as my clean amp with a touch of delay, I mostly play at home so I don't need anything super loud.
I currently have a Mesa DC-2 1x12 combo and love the gain on it but find it kinda dark on the cleans so I'm looking for something that will compliment it

I have a budget of about $300 to work with and have been looking around to see what's available used online.
I have come across a 70s Champ as well as a late 60s Garnet Banshee 1x8 combo that are both going for around the same price.

I have looking online and did some research on Garnet amps and have read some good reviews on the quality, but there aren't really any sound clips out there.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them and could give some insight on what type of tone they have. I like the clips of the Champ I have heard and am wondering if the Garnet is a better choice....or if I should just save some cash and get a Vox Pathfinder

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