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Sold Fender Classic Player 60s Strat neck with 12"radius, medium jumbo frets

TD Moyer

Silver Supporting Member
I bought this Fender Classic Player 60s Strat neck for a Frankenstrat build that just isn't going to get completed.

This is from a Fender Classic Player 60s and not the "Classic Series". These were Custom Shop designed and the series is among Fender's top MIM guitars. Classic 60s vintage look, C shape & a nice, slab rosewood board with 12 inch radius and Fender's "medium jumbo" frets. Very little fretwear.

$275 including PP fees and USPS shipping

Open to trades for the following;
  • Dr No 11:11 Fuzz
  • Deluxe Memory Man (90s)
  • Diamond ML 2
  • Everman Octave-X


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