Sold Fender Custom Shop Cruz Tools Set

Discussion in 'Everything Else Archive' started by relix63, Jul 12, 2018.

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    I can and will attest to just how nice having this kit can be...I own one, but kept using my old little Homemade Box when I went to change strings, do a minor set-up, etc.,...then one fine day, my Wife musta 'Lost' my little box, or 'misplaced' it (...She just will NOT come clean),...

    ...and I had to remember that I had this Tool Kit (...and some of you know what a task remembering shi../things can be),...anywho, I've been using this kit ever since. My Wife did eventually came up with my little box, and instead of coming clean with me, she unkindly I might add,...

    … hid it right where I had put it a couple times before,...But it was to late, I started using my CS Cruz-Tools and just don't want that Ol' box anymore. Seriously though, these are very nice to have...everything you need to do any and everything in guitar set-ups, and adjustments,...GLWTS. Tom

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